Tire Recycling Management & Raw Material S-Corporation.

Veteran Owned

Periodic Table Processing Inc. (PTP Inc.) is a Disabled Veteran, Minority-Owned company.

Our Commitment

PTP Inc. is committed to and aspires to be a long-standing partner in reflecting change within the environment. We aim to be a leader in the Cryogenic Tire Recycling Management & Raw Material S-Corporation by significantly reducing the amount of tire waste generated that is sent directly to landfills and illegal dumpsites.

The growing problem

The management of scrap tires has become a growing problem in recent years. Scrap tires represent one of several special wastes that are difficult for municipalities to handle. Stockpiles of legal and illegal scrap tires located in many communities, resulting in public health,
environmental, and aesthetic problems.

Inspire future generations

PTP Inc. believes in improving tire management by inspiring current and future generations in their efforts to conserve the environment. Those who are involved in tire management, directly or indirectly, have a responsibility to foster a higher level of trust with views to health, safety, and the environment for a sustainable society.


Our Approach

PTP Inc’s. approach to an ecological recovery of tires in collaboration with any Environment Protection Agency, Land Bureau Management, and the Department of Solid Waste Management Bureau implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology. In doing so, all business activities will comply with the environmentally friendly provisions of sustainability.

Preserving our lands beauty

Amidst the interdependence help of PTP Inc., the phenomena of legal and illegal tire dumping can be efficiently managed sequentially through PTP Inc. abatement mobility clean-up capabilities. PTP Inc.’s objective is to have 100% tire recycling with an outcome of Zero abatement sites.

PTP Inc.’s attentiveness of increasing consumption of renewable and non-renewable resources, with emphasis on recycling, will showcase Nationally and Tribal Government’s as a National Leader in Recyclable Tires.

PTP Inc. wants to be an asset in preserving the natural beauty of our lands in the true reflection of purity in one recycled tire at a time.