We’re Changing The Environment, To Change The World

PTP Inc. aspires to have a long-standing commitment to sustainability that is reflected in our company’s motto: “We’re Change The Environment, To Change The World”. We at PTP Inc. strives to become an industry leader in the Tire Recycled Management & Raw Material, by significantly reducing the amount of tire waste generated directed to landfills and illegal dumpsites.

PTP Inc. has established a tactical innovation program for an Eco-Friendly model with a “One Team, One Planet, One Fight” agenda. An environmental program developed to help promote a greater awareness on the importance of environmental management standards that help organizations minimize their impact on the environment. Setting the enforcement of applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements.

Under this program framework, our leadership and our teammates are focused on identifying ways we can change the landscape of Environment.

One Team, One Planet, One Fight

One cannot change the landscape without changing the intellectual paralysis of the community. In doing so, PTP Inc. must have a strong positive direct relationship between all 50 states, both in experience and earnings. This can be achieved through trust, workmanship, leadership and educational settings through a qualitative analysis.

A key component of “One Team, One Planet, One Fight” is founded on the vision of achieving a waste-free tire industry, eliminate illegal dumping site and tire waste by 100%.


Through hands-on learning and critical elements of a modern engineering education, PTP Inc. is more than a brick and mortar company. Our program is built on the community’s natural curiosity and encourage them to grow through life exploration. We relentlessly focus on helping them find the best personal discoveries through their journeys.

One Team. One Planet. One Fight (program) is a collaborative, place-based response to the educational challenges that often face rural schools, especially those in high-poverty areas. One Team. One Planet. One Fight. (Program) aims to foster resilience and improve the well being of young people, their families, and communities, by addressing the predictable and recurring barriers to illegal dumpsites. With public seminars and direct school participation, PTP Inc. is educating the mind to make change.

Community pride

PTP Inc. believes the real world experiences offers a classroom like no other. Educational travel inspires those moments when the light bulb goes on. Students’ minds race beyond their everyday worlds and they find the personal meaning behind what they study in school. That’s a transformation. It’s the “aha” moment that you—and we—love most as educators.

Community pride is why hands on educational experience are simply the best.

Community Clean-up

With the portability of recycled machinery PTP Inc. is able to travel to designated site to preform onsite clean ups.

Through our continued partnership with New Mexico, PTP Inc. can support hundreds of community cleanup events and ensured the proper recycling of tens of thousands of tires removed from nature.

One Team. One Planet. One Fight. (Program) PTP Inc. plans to support New Mexico community cleanup events and recycled tires from rivers, streams and communities Statewide. PTP Inc. is working to change the landscape of the tire and automotive industry and make a waste-free tire industry a reality.

Any municipal or business may request help for site cleanup through our Community Clean-up Event. Logistics can be a challenge at some remote sites. PTP Inc. will work to offer our full support of all organized community cleanup events.

Once the form is completed, PTP Inc. will contact the cleanup project coordinator directly to coordinate the logistics at a local designated area for on-site tire removal. There will be a slight fee assess with on site cleanup. A finical assessment work sheet will be submitted before any work will be done.

Tire Abatement Cleanup

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